Top-Notch Customer Service

At Schumann Printers, Inc., we care about customer experience. Unlike other printing companies, we have dedicated Customer Account Managers that work one-on-one with you to achieve the goals for your publication. Customer Account Managers take ownership of your job from start to finish as they work with every department to serve as an extension of your production needs.

It is our responsibility to provide a service and a product to you in the way that it has been promised.

Our team is committed to providing you with value added services 24/7, including superior knowledge, technical support, and quality service you deserve in a timely manner. Whatever your needs are we are here and have the tools to get it done.


Paper is vital to the printing process. For over fifty years, Schumann Printers, Inc. has maintained good relationships with domestic and foreign paper mills, in order to provide exemplary varieties of paper weights, grades, and finishes. To maximize efficiency, Schumann Printers, Inc. has

63,125 sq. ft. of paper storage area in-house. Due to such high paper volume, our prices remain competitive in the industry. Our paper department gladly will find the proper paper that will fit your needs.

Ensuring our environmental promise, we strive to provide our customers with the best choices for eco-friendly paper. We supply FSC® Certified paper, so your publication can maintain its superior quality while sustaining the environment. Since 2009, we’ve been an FSC® Certified Printer, certified by the Rainforest Alliance, thanks to our efforts to reduce our paper usage and environmental footprint. In fact, we recycle all of our waste paper.


Our publishers know they can depend on us for superior quality web press publications. We take that extra step in our prepress department and make sure that images are to standard. If we see something you should be aware of, we are going to notify you. We try during our quality control procedures to put ourselves in the position of the reader and the advertiser.

We offer the most advanced thermal computer to plate electronic prepress services in the industry. By keeping our employees well trained and the continued investment in equipment, we have made this technology accessible for the convenience and profitability of our customers. This allows us to provide our customers with the finest quality and most economical product.

Color Management

We follow G7 specifications which is an industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. We were the second printer in the world to install this technology on all our presses. It continually scans and controls color/registration on press – so quality remains consistent throughout press runs.

Our monitors are carefully calibrated to true color high definition standards. All hard proofs are created at 720 dpi. Because of our Gracol 7(G7 Extreme) technology, individually calibrated presses assure automatic color settings. There is no need for you to incur the cost of a hard proof. If you wish, Kodak InSite will allow you to download data for proofing at your site.

Computer to Plate

With our Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetter, we are able to have a throughput of up to 35 plates per hour. It uses a ContuniousLoad automation for 2-plate queuing which gives us a high output, stable platesetter with great quality. This hands free automation doesn't stop at the platesetter, it continues throughout the entire plate line. From burning the plates to hole punching and bending, our automated plate line helps us have a fast turn around for your jobs while achieving the highest quality product.

Combine this computer to plate automation with one of our Sunday 3000 presses (that uses 72" plates with 32 pages per impression), and we are the perfect printer for your fast turn around needs.

Design Production Support

With the endless cycle of computer and software upgrades, it can make one get pretty frustrated if one of these upgrades breaks something before a deadline. Our design production support team has a combined total of over 100 years of prepress experience. From helping you troubleshoot your internet issues, to helping you find where they moved your favorite tool in InDesign, the design production support team is here to aid you in everyway way possible.

Kodak InSite Proofing

With the hectic pace of creating your magazine and deadlines looming, it can be stressful to get your magazine submitted and get your proofs approved and sent back to us on time. With our Kodak Prinergy workflow with Kodak InSite soft proofing, it will save days of sending "hard proofs" back and forth for approvals.

Kodak InSite is easy to use and a great way to view your pages online. All you need is an internet connection and a color calibrated monitor to save lots of time and money.


Our high end Epson Stylus proofer is calibrated daily to produce a very accurate color proof. We calibrated the proofer to within a Delta E of 2.5 of our presses so the proof you get will look exactly like the final product.

Workflow Automation

When providing PDF files, it is important to use the proper settings detailed in the "customer" section of this website. When these settings are utilized and your files pass to our system, they become certified as PDF/X-1a. These files are kept for a period of 90 days. We have a "rip once, output many" workflow, so all files are absolutely matching. For your security, we automatically mirror all files and send via fiber-optic to our other company building.

Once you have approved your pages over the internet, they are imposed for plating. Before the plating stage, we create an electronic imposition color-calibrated proof for viewing on press monitors. There is no need for hard proofs at press. Our monitors are carefully calibrated to true color high definition standards. All hard proofs are created at 720 dpi. Soft proofs on remote can be viewed at 2400 dpi. Because of our Gracol 7(G7 Extreme) technology, individually calibrated presses assure automatic color settings. There is no need for you to incur the cost of a hard proof. If you wish, Kodak InSite will allow you to download data for proofing at your site.

When you use Kodak InSite, you will be using the most economical digital technology for fast turn-around. No more saving your files on disc, no more FedEx charges, no more delays for proofs to pass back from our location to yours. It’s all done on the internet.


Schumann Printers, Inc. is the most automated web-printer in the United States. Our new GOSS Sunday Presses operate around the clock. All presses continue to use the most updated computerized technology available- bar none.

Schumann Printers, Inc has met the world class standard of G7 Extreme color. This technology

creates exact G7 hard proofs which matches our High Definition Monitors and ensures exact G7 color on press.

Our quick turn times and superior print quality ensures that our finished products are the very best in the industry. It is our commitment to excellence that drives us to continually invest in the latest and most up to date technologies so that we can continue to exceed industry standards and deliver the very best in printed and digital products.

Heatset Web Presses

Heidelberg M-1000 BE

5 Unit single web press
5 color over 5 color
UV Coater and perforator
38” Press

Heidelberg M-1000 BE

8 Unit double web press
4 color over 4 color double web
38" Press

Heidelberg-Goss Sunday 2000

Unit stacked web press
4 color over 4 color
PCF1.2 combination folder
PFF double former folder
Double web 38" Press

Goss Sunday 3000

4 Unit single web press
72" press
Complete automation
Single former double output PFF 3.2
Folder for 2-16 page signatures

Digital Press

Full color printing has been revolutionized by digital printing. We regularly produce short press runs of reprints, brochures, and other materials with this economical method. Eliminate shipping costs, storage, and handling fees by printing digitally.


Our full service Bindery facility encompasses a wide array of in-line and off-line finishing equipment.

Perfect bound or saddle stitched? We have both. Our 20 and 24 pocket high-speed Heidelberg perfect binders are equipped with both EVA and PUR adhesive capabilities. We also have two high speed Saddle Stitchers that are capable of producing nearly thirty thousand finished and ready-to-mail pieces per hour. Operated in perfect unison with these high speed machines are our specialty Saddle Stitching machines, which are capable of producing finished pieces from small digest to large tabloid sizes. All of our specialty machines are 4th and 5th knife capable with in-line calendar punching at the ready.

That is not where it ends. We have an equally large number of ancillary pieces of equipment that support our main-line manufacturing equipment. From Tipping to Belly Banding and Off-line mailing with our new Sitma W1050 Automatic Poly Wrapping System, Schumann Printers full service Bindery is ready to handle even the most complex of client projects.




Our shipping department makes extensive use of pool shipments. Plant load trucks leave every day for delivery to Bolingbrook, Illinois mailing center, where titles are co-palletized and/or co-mailed with hundreds of other titles insuring subscriber delivery. Shipments are easily tracked using our web-based Fulfillment Report. Just click on the tracking number and our software will immediately open UPS etc., to your exact package information.

Now you can track your shipments over the Internet. The last and all-important service Schumann Printers, Inc. can offer is making sure all our customer's shipments are made in a timely manner. It's important to be able to know when a shipment was made, by which method and vendor and which employee, date and time SPI made that shipment. Our new Fulfillment Schedule does all that and in real time. You can fill out the form on the Internet. Our CSR will double check it and make any additions etc. You will be able to view it at any time. Our employees will view this information and make entries. You can track a UPS or Fed Ex shipment, by simply clicking on the tracking number, taking you to the exact package information on the vendor's web site. If you want delayed shipping, our software will track this and warn us of the shipment date. This Fulfillment Schedule will make your job easier and best of all shipments are verified.