Schumann Printers, Inc. Invests in Muller Martini’s Primera MC

May 10th, 2018

Schumann Printers started 55 years ago as a sheet-fed printer in the basement of founder Jack Schumann’s Wisconsin duplex. Today, as a full-service heat-set web printer, it has grown into one of Fall River’s largest employers as it continues its long-standing commitment to providing customers with cutting-edge print manufacturing technologies that help them achieve their goals.

Case in point? This summer, Muller Martini’s Primera MC Saddle Stitching System is scheduled for installation. Commented Dan Schumann, President, “Special interest magazines have always attracted a dedicated readership. And as niche marketing grows, so does our business. We print monthlies, bi-monthlies and quarterlies. And that translates to more variability in terms of run size and formats, including tabloids, digests and a typical 8 ½ x 11 magazine. We needed a state-of-the-art saddle stitcher that could handle all these varieties efficiently and expeditiously.”

With speeds of 14,000 cycles per hour, the Primera MC is an advanced and highly efficient saddle stitcher for the mid-performance range. It offers optimum levels of automation and process reliability resulting in:

  • Shortest setups and highest production performance thanks to its Motion Control platform.
  • Exceptional flexibility and product variety (thicknesses up to 13mm/size ranges from A6 to A3)
  • Lower maintenance cost due to the elimination of shafts, gears and chains.

In addition, the Primera’s engineering platform provides investment protection since it features a modular design that can be configured with signature feeders for conventional applications.

“We’re definitely seeing an expansion in business because product mixes are growing in the short- to medium-run publications,” concluded Mr. Schumann. “At Schumann, we’re committed to investing in new technologies that not only increase our capacity, but also provide our customers with more product flexibility. That’s what led us to Muller Martini’s Primera MC. Its advanced automation offers fast makereadies that let us move quickly from format to format, run size to run size. We don’t believe there’s any other machine that offers that type of versatility.”

Muller Martini’s service team will install the Primera MC at the end of June. It is scheduled to be fully operational by mid-July.


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